3 Reasons @WilsonArt Inspires as a Brand #BlogTourNYC

Three Reasons @WilsonArt Inspires as a Brand #BlogTourNYC

This past month during @Modenus Blog Tour we had a behind the scenes treat while at ICFF, my colleagues and I were introduced to the Student Designers sponsored in this years @WilsonArt Design Competition. As a benefactor brand (if I can use that terminology, mine, not theirs) I was impressed with the level of curated instruction and access WilsonArt brought to the table.

Here is a quick video on one of the competitors which I highlight. My sons are avid backpackers and hikers…hence this particular chair.

For a complete post from WilsonArt’s headquarters on the “Design Challenges” and Student Winner, Blossom, click HERE.

It’s funny, as Designers we spend a great deal of time researching brands. Many casual enthusiasts don’t understand the amount of time, effort and soul that is on the line when a recommendation comes forth. It was delightful on BlogTourNYC to be in sync with manufacturers who value not only design, but human capital.

Here are three reasons (to start) WilsonArt has a yes from Couture Chateau:

First, they curate the next generation. Intentionally.

At Couture Chateau we believe in planning for and equipping the generations we may never  meet. It’s called succession planning/living and we believe it matters. Having a present-future mindset I was impressed by the brand’s commitment to this process. One of my favorite books growing up was The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving StoneNo matter what my thoughts are now on the book, at the time, this read instilled in a young up and coming designer, respect for the process and cost of being an apprentice. I saw that first hand at WilsonArt. Kudos on the amount of time and resource they allocate to this process.

Second, they customize.

Where would we be without custom at Couture Chateau? One of our motto’s is literally “live a custom life, there is only one you.” Enough said.

Watch as I walk you through a short video showcasing WilsonArt’s social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I did not include their Instagram in the video, it is linked here.

Third, it was one of the first brands I specified over 20 years ago as a Designer.

Let’s just call it ‘way back in the olden days’ when one of my jobs was designing custom kitchens. I worked out of both showroom and factory. At the time, post-forming machines were just becoming affordable for the manufacturer I worked for, and we were experimenting with all sorts of applications, from curved edge details to curved walls. Yes, it was the late 80’s and early 90’s and yes, I was in Los Angeles. Again, enough said.

postforming machines

We worked on several high rise towers along the Wilshire Corridor, in the then undeveloped Malibu Hills and all over 90210. It was before the days of easy photographs, but one of my product memories is a desk for a model condominium along Wilshire that was angled with post-formed edges. We made cutouts for cords – at the time, very hip. That said, it’s fun to collaborate with brands that make it easy to design and create.

A few more thoughts as many of you are re-vamping summer homes and rental properties, moving children and grand children into first homes.

These fun geometric patterns I can easily see on a wall application where a simple over-sized mirror is laid on top. In those summer cottages, where walls are less than ideal and upholstery is out of the question due to weather variations and insulation, we may consider a 4 x 8 sheet of laminate as the back drop. Maybe even mimic in bypass closet doors. Very fun.


Jet Set Houndstooth #0094

Another thought centers on those pet baths. We are seeing them off back main laundry rooms and I am preferring laminate counters at this time to cold tile or stone tops. As inspiration, this photo, showing Coconut Oil (love that name) looks like it would hide just enough pet hair….


Coconut Oil #9100 on the counters. I like the edge treatment near the dishwasher. Let’s translate that detail into those home pet baths and spas. Very clean looking and not as cold as natural stone or tile for our furry friends.

For now, make sure to check out their products and design inspiration gallery here. And if you are new to Couture Chateau, my team and I delight to steward your family, your generations and multiple properties by designing for legacy development. There is no use in allocating significant resources to projects and properties that generations dismantle or lose due to poor planning. Let us help.

We consult at the Family Office and Board Level, work with your Family Trust Planners and/or directly with you and your spouse, children and grandchildren. Read here for a favored post on How We Decorate a Property Owned by Several Generations…it’s one of our most read posts. We understand how important the perfect sofa choice is for Grandmother.

We also care deeply about bringing good design to the next generations. Click here to LEARN MORE. You can contact Ann at 925-386-0720 or ann@couturechateau.com. We have worked with clients from six continents and look forward to working with you next.

Blessings and best,

Ann McDonald.


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