Couture Chateau LLC is a Concierge Level Decorating and Design Firm for Discreet Individuals + Families.

Wisdom Decorates and Designs

Would you like to fall back in love with your home? It’s easier than you think. Every day, the Design Team at Couture Chateau works with people just like you who want more from their homes. Taking great care to learn who you are, we design spaces as unique as you.

From privacy concerns to creating homes that function for large scale philanthropic or board level events, our team diligently serves your needs. We work with you to create spaces that function for your unique lifestyle. From the lining in your silver closet to the way your living room is designed…

Location and Season Sensitive Design

Curating Excellence. Yatir.

Curating excellence is an art form. Why would you seek the best in one area and then compromise when it comes to your environment? You wouldn’t. You understand the space you live in makes you into something, the spaces and places you inhabit change you….

Lead Designer and Founder, Ann McDonald, understands anyone can buy furniture at the local discount store. Not everyone, however, can create spaces to curate excellence in life. There is a massive difference.

For over 25 years, Ann and her teams have quietly curated beautiful decorated and designed environments for clients from around the world.

Managing the Decorating and Design Process: Privacy + Communication

Just like you, our clients live and travel the world over. Being tied to in-studio meetings to decide on fabrics or furniture, simply isn’t wisdom. As such, Couture Chateau developed in house, custom software to manage our unique clients’ needs.

All designs, discussions and communications are conducted, delivered and managed within private, encoded and encrypted membership sites exclusive to you, our valued clients and friends.

We use a combination of live video, recorded video, audio and text which you can access 24/7 from any location in the world via your private access page from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Your household or property management can also be given access and training via your private membership site, which includes a private dashboard where you, or your household or estate managers can log in and ask questions.

Virtual from Idea to Implementation

You are also able to schedule Design and Decorating modifications up to three years out, seasonally, from anywhere in the world for any of your properties or rooms in your properties. We take the Design and Decorating of a single updated space as seriously as we take the entire estate. We understand how important a bedroom update for a cherished aunt or visiting friend is. There is no design project too small once you are a guest of Couture Chateau.

Ann McDonald and the team at Couture Chateau are passionate about planning, privacy and stewardship. Couture Chateau maintains an incredible network of professional advisers who engage our guests on everything from current design trends to best practices on environmental maintenance for large estates, both on and off continent. Our team is here to serve our guests, long after the design and decorating has been completed for a season.


We are humbled to walk alongside you and your family in the design, decorating and long term stewardship of your family property, estate or trust owned multiple property portfolio.

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