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Legacy Philanthropic Lifestyle Design Solutions

STRENGTH: Legacy Building Design Solutions With Multiple Generation Long Term Mindset for Individuals + Families

SOLUTIONS: Macro and Micro Design; Long + Short Term Properties; Family Retreat Properties; Trust Owned Lands

Custom Couture Chateau Table Designed to 1/8" Sitting Height of Owner

Custom Couture Chateau Dining Table Designed to 1/8 inch of
Sitting Height of Owner

How many years do you have left?

Philanthropic Stewardship of resources and relationships should hallmark your days, not fussing over sofa choices with someone who doesn’t understand who you are and why you care.

Couture Chateau LLC brings a compelling track record and global mindset enabling individuals and families to ESTABLISH and STEWARD legacy minded philanthropic lifestyles. We address property and design concerns, generational nuances and design practical solutions and SYSTEMS that can be maintained either by Couture Chateau LLC’s network or yourself, your Family Office, Trust or Board network.

Interiors Designed with your Lifestyle Goals.

Interiors Designed with your Lifestyle Goals and Use Needs Addressed

We take great care to understand who you are, what the call on your individual legacy is and construct excellent lifestyle design solutions for you and your generations.

We believe LEGACY BUILDING includes property, homes and land. Poor choices in any one of those areas divides families and destroys inheritance. Poor choices in design of said property ruins a lifetime spent establishing legacy over a piece of art or grandmother’s side table.

We SOLUTION macro designs: Estate, Ranch, Compound/Locality, Main Homes, Second Homes, Vacation Property, Income Property

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We SOLUTION micro designs: Exteriors, Interiors, Space Planning, Culturally Honoring Interiors

Want to learn more? Email Ann McDonald now:

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Founder Ann McDonald (white jacket) lives what she designs. She and her team bring a unique ability to design macro and micro solutions to suit your lifestyle needs. From creating spaces to handle staff, large events and flexible living to city flats for next gen grandchildren, Couture Chateau understands.

Our SOLUTIONS solidify generational legacy and strengthen familial impact on a global scale.

Homes, Property and Land distinguish significant individuals and families from those without lasting legacy. Couture Chateau LLC SOLUTIONS customized design decisions so your legacy is well established into the second, third and fourth generations. We address main homes, investment properties, preserves, benefactor lands and next generation city flats.

Don’t allow poverty minded design decisions to steal your legacy out from under your philanthropic minded trust. Your well designed luxury legacy mindset is as critical to your legacy as your financial advisers succession plan. More so as property is often the bulk of wealth transfer among generations.


If you want to dabble with us on the design for one of your properties, we delight to engage and serve you. We delight to teach, equip and empower you.

Designer Ann McDonald

Designer Ann McDonald

 Have you ever wasted time trying to decide which property an inherited couch was supposed to live in?

Couture Chateau creates Layered Spaces with pets and real life in mind.

Couture Chateau creates Layered Spaces with pets and real life in mind.

Have you ever tried to explain over the phone how to make a bed for a visiting relative to Household Staff?

Mirrors from The Plaza Hotel, New York City adorn a free standing custom spiral staircase

Antique Mirrors from The Plaza Hotel, New York City, adorn a free standing custom spiral staircase

What if you could solve those issues with the click of a mouse?

Our Full Service Guests enjoy training videos that explain how things work, where things go. We always include individualized video tips inside your Private Membership Dashboard, where you, your adviser and staff have private concierge level access.

Want to learn more? Email Ann McDonald now: for a walk-through of a Sample Guest Dashboard

Issues become SOLUTIONS.

Ann developed and continues to push boundaries with proprietary software created ‘in house’ to easily manage highly specific issues related to Decorating and Design from single rooms in homes to large estates overseen by Trust Boards and/or Families with Multiple Properties in diverse locations. Clients enjoy easy access to weekly calls, calendars, videos and discussions all within private encoded member pages. Communication is the key to successfully managing and completing a Design and Decorating project on time and on budget. Ann and her team excel in this.

Clean, contemporary, uncluttered. No detail overlooked.

Clean, contemporary, uncluttered. No detail overlooked.

Live a custom life. There is only one you.

For Additional Details, Live Sample Presentations, Hard Bound Bespoke Portfolio and other information, please contact us at:  

Our Welcome Mat: Ann McDonald will meet with you on Skype or in person (local to San Francisco Bay Area) for a 1 Hour Initial Consultation: $ 395. Welcome Mat for Trust Board or Advisory Group (more than 1 person): $ 495/Hour. Young business person working with a notebook VIRTUAL VIP, Single Space Design: $ 2,495. Design of a single space delivered in mp4 video. Guest determined furnishings budget, action list with links, downloadable. A Guest favorite. A Trust Board Favorite. Access via Private Links Included. Single Use. Where applicable, wholesale resources linked for easy execution. Email for complete information packet and payment link.

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Every detail counts. When we create something for your Legacy property, even if it’s a single room within a larger home our bespoke Couture Chateau lining is there. The latin inscription? “Find a man skilled in his work and he shall serve before Kings”.

Single Space Design: $50/psf +. Includes floor plans, furniture plans, rendered designs, Deluxe Black Box Samples and Accessory Samples to keep shipped via UPS/Fed Ex. Some shipping and customs fees may apply if shipped off continent. Furnishings and Design by Couture Chateau is determined from Guest Allocated furnishings budget. Upgrades available including: Seasonal design calendar and modifications, up to three (3) years. ALL Single Space Design Includes: Private Membership Page with Concierge Level Access, up to 3 Registrants, typically Owner(s), Advisor, Staff. Multiple Property Family Design Package: $35 psf – $50 psf+. Inquire via for more information