Five Ways to Incorporate Steam Therapy in Your Ranch Property or Multi Generation Mountain Estate

Fresh off Blog Tour New York, I am delighted to ponder how you, our valued clients and friends, can incorporate some of the products we had the honor of learning about first hand. Today’s post centers on one of the #BlogTourNYC sponsors: Mr Steam. We were treated to an incredible private steam at Aire Ancient Baths.

With Wyoming, Idaho and California Mountain projects swirling on summer drafting boards, my team and I discussed several ways we could incorporate this technology seamlessly into your multi-generational, multi-use, family ranch or mountain estate. We narrowed it to five (5) overall design schematics.

Let me know which you prefer and what your thoughts are. I love this part of being a Designer. As you well know, creativity and idea generation = fuel.

Here are five (5) ways we can integrate @SteamTherapy into your next project:

  1. Create a Room Off A Shared Exercise Space
  2. Destination Building on Property
  3. Second Entrance Off The Main Master Suite
  4. Each Bedroom/Bathroom Combination Has Own Unit
  5. Part Of a Guest House on Property

First, The Shared Steam Room.

How to do it well? It should be part of a larger exercise room designed much like a boutique hotel. Duplicate entrances and locker rooms so family members have privacy and space. One of the beautiful parts of Aire Ancient Baths was the layout and design of the steam room:

Steam room

The glass walls, raised marble platform, dual cold water sinks and overhead steam application made it very easy for a group of us to be in the same space without feeling cramped.

lobby aire

The lobby picture especially serves as inspiration for the shared communal space if you go this route. I liked the way brick was incorporated with leather and linen. The shelves they used in commercial display could very easily serve as inspiration for books, towels or family photos.

The cold water fountain in the lobby added a nice touch. This from our Instagram @annlmcdonald. Make sure to follow us for updates.

My thoughts on size requirements for the shared steam room: It should be at least 20 x 20. I think the space we were in at Aire Ancient Baths was smaller, but if we are creating from the ground up I can see making the space as large as 50 x 50, depending on use.

Second, The Destination Building

Why I like this. In Wyoming especially (or other mountain states) the walk is part of the experience. Snowy trails in winter with in ground heat so feet stay warm, lit for the season, make the trek to the Steam Room an experience from the start. My conception was a simple looking outbuilding almost conservatorial in nature.

This video for the Starwood Property Trentaz Ranch listed by Sotheby’s in Aspen, CO has the type of space we are considering here. The path leads TO the destination conservatory. This property does not have a Steam Therapy space from Mr. Steam, but yours certainly will. I’d also consider more lights and heated pathway for easy access in winter. The possibility of winter tenting the path is also an option. FAST FORWARD to 1:55 for the Conservatory Outbuilding Inspiration. I don’t know if this property is still available. I have contacted the realtor. Will update when I receive a reply. It’s gorgeous.

Must include: monogrammed bathrobes, towels, slippers, laundry facility, his/hers bathrooms, changing rooms and back entrance/exit for household staff. Use remote wiring to make space ‘fired up and ready’ if no staff is on site.

Third, Master Suite Only or Second Entrance  into the Master Suite Seam Room from the Main Home

This is a dicey one for me. It would be less than ideal but if space constraints dictated this was the only way other guests could enjoy (think smaller on mountain properties) then ok. I think designating nice but discreet “in use” signage incorporated into the door like the one below could solve the problem of – let’s just call them – untimely visitors in the Steam Room!

Simple in use lock

I like the discreet red light. If we had to incorporate something similar, this is the way to go. Gracious and subtle.

We also need to consider the materials used. For smaller spaces like this one mentioned, watch this short video detailing why using ceramic instead of marble is helpful. Materials make the difference when determining the unit size. Link here: Go to “Materials Matter Video”.

Fourth, Each Bedroom/Bathroom Suite Has It’s Own

For many larger mountain properties, this en suite set up might work. Many families opt for the suite approach so no one feels left out by getting stuck in the proverbial ‘bunk bedroom #4″ with the small hall bath down the way. I’ve pulled several small scale combinations.


Easy controls for en suite master unit. Linked here: is the virtual spa. Concise.

Drawbacks for me from a design standpoint: When we construct mountain homes for multiple generations or as family compounds, part of the appeal is the together component. After sport activities together, keep large homes from feeling isolated. I believe some designed togetherness is important. (see my post on how we design properties when multiple generations are involved).

AromaSteam Square Steam Head

The inline use of Aromatherapy is an added touch. Essential oils are added prior to the steam entering.

For those of you subscribed to Chat, our by invitation only newsletter, you know I believe you CAN have a home that is simply too big. Budget issues aside, design should work for your property goals and not against. If you host retreats or use your compound for board meetings and family office gatherings, this might be the way to go. That way each member can clear their head privately before the shared meal or after.

Fifth, Part of a Guest House on Property

I like this option, especially if you don’t often host guests! Many large estates build guest homes as part of their resale appeal. They can double as live-in staff housing, and the possibility of having the steam room with a separate entrance from the main home makes it feel like the destination building even if that is not the sole purpose.

Mr Steam Benefits

This graphic shares 40 benefits of Steam Therapy


Here is a link to a Ranch Property listed by Billy Long of RMA. Many of you have been on the acquisition trail for Ranches both in and outside of the United States. I keep seeing beautiful properties in Colorado but we don’t have a current project there. Time to return? Maybe this is a sign. The open house is June 10th. I can make it if you need me to :).

If you would like more information on how to design your interiors with legacy development as a core value, please contact us at It is our honor to equip and empower your and your family for many generations to come.


A note on this sponsored post: Couture Chateau LLC has never specified a Mr. Steam unit in one of our projects, but after enjoying Aire Ancient Baths and my Tala Gift Set I am looking at ranch and multi generation, multi use projects differently. It was a treat to meet Martha Orellana in person, the hands on heart behind sharing the Mr. Steam story. I was blessed to learn the legacy of a family business thriving. Love that.

Tala spa set

Tala Gift Sets were presented to us at a private party at Ink 48’s Press Room. I am nearly through my set! I use it every day = wow. Thank you Mr Steam!

We were treated to a private roof top dinner courtesy of Mr Steam. It was truly a special evening.

We were treated to a private roof top dinner courtesy of Mr Steam. It was truly a special evening.

During New York Design Week, 2015, I had the honor of being sponsored by several brands. We will continue to share insights on the products and services with insight for your unique lifestyle.

If you are considering the acquisition of your next property, let us know. We do both Board Level Consultations for Family Offices and on site walks with Family Trust Officers and Individuals. Our specialty is Macro and Micro Design of Legacy Property Design. Insuring your generations are intact with intentional design. Contact us at 925/386-0720 or for more information. Click here for more information: LEARN MORE ABOUT COUTURE CHATEAU.

Have a blessed day. Until next time.

Ann McD.

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