Creating Legacy Through Design

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Someone asked me what we do.

It’s kind of hard to explain – sort of.

We do Interior Decorating. Interior Design. We plan out peoples spaces and places. We plan out peoples properties.

But mostly, my team and I build and design life. Yours. In SYNC with your goals, heart and future.

We create legacy through design. Through decorating. That syncs with who you are, why you are and what you want to leave behind when you go.

In the past couple of months, we’ve had several new inquiries from various sources who have stumbled upon us through varied channels.

Some have “understood”. Others? Not. So. Much.

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Let me share some background on creating legacy.

I believe how you live in space greatly affects and effects most everything about your life.

Remember: prisons and churches are designed spaces. They both are meant to bring about something in the future. (Article: Top 5 Mistakes Families Make)

I believe your future holds important things.

How we design your space can either help or hinder those important things.

How you go about curating that space, through design, decorating and choice will tell me a great deal about IF you will achieve what you are set here to do.

If you care deeply about what your family (note: you are a family even if you are a single person never intending to have offspring) will look like in 20 years or two (2) or three (3) generations out, send us an email.

That’s our specialty. See below. My team and I work with multiple generation families and discreet individuals to make sure the choices they make today curate their family legacy tomorrow.

I can tell a lot of things about your future and your families future by your design and decorating choices. They reveal things. Even how you hang and display pictures lets me know if you are living in the past with no room for tomorrow.

We’re a kind bunch, hopeful. Though we do believe in planning, stewardship and wisdom.

Wisdom designs. It also makes sure the foundations (proverbial and literal) are tied down. T I G H T L Y.

Have a look around and give us a call. We could save you millions.

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Ann McDonald designs interiors for discreet individuals + multiple property families organized by Family Office, Board or Trust. Her passion is to equip people to live, love and thrive in the holiness of the everyday.

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