Is Decorating Indecision Messing You Up? Read Ann’s Quick Tip Here.

Decorating Indecision can paralyze us and before we know it, it’s been 5 years and we are still without the right pieces for our homes.
How do I know? There are times I’m the cobbler without shoes. Have a look at my husband’s current side table.

Remember, I do this for a living. You’d think I could finish off my own space. Decorating Indecision. To be fair, a table is on the horizon, it just hasn’t arrived yet….
designer side table
So here you have it. One of my favorite quick tips. And yes, I have these pieces scattered throughout my home, including in my formal living room.

First, decide which TYPE of furniture piece you need: chair, sofa, love seat, ottoman or bench. (we’ll address case goods and wood furniture pieces in another post, this is just for the upholstered pieces).

Second, buy a GREAT QUALITY basic: The photo below is a classic antique wing back chair from my shop. My team stripped the old upholstery and made sure her bones were strong. No squeaks, good kiln dried wood (antiques have amazing quality frames) and are re-building her with soft muslin and custom lining fabric.
Wing Chair stripped
When stripped of old upholstery and tightened up with new glue and stabilized, this creates what we like to call the “little black dress” of upholstery furniture.
The “little black dress” concept means you have a SOLID FRAMEWORK upon which you can layer, modify, change as needed.
We take that framework and cover it in a high quality muslin fabric and/or our custom lining fabric so clients can…
Wing Chair progress
Third, have COUTURE QUALITY SLIP COVERS made in different styles, to suit seasons and needs.
In our next post, I will share some beautiful slip cover styles that fit individual style preferences.
Have a great day.
Let me know if you have some favorite “Little Black Dress” frames you have covered over time in different styles.
Wing chair combo


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