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you watch the shows, you read the magazines,  you have a knack for design & decorating, but sometimes it doesn’t quite look like you imagined…

We empower your decorating dreams with easy to follow webinars and training so you learn what isn’t being shared on the shows…

24/7 365 Days a year

Your Home Decorating Dreams Made Easy

How do you take what you see on the Decorating shows and make it practical? What is the next step to creating a home you love?

Do you dream about beautiful spaces to live your life in? Access our online courses and seminars 24/7, 365 days a year!

LEARN from Ann's 30 Years Experience in Luxury Design

The Design & Decorating Team under the leadership of Managing Partner, Ann McDonald, is trained with the client in mind, always. 

“Live a custom life, there is only one you”.

Everything we teach, train and execute on your behalf is with your authority, your life, your unique expression of style in mind.

Ann McDonald has been in the Luxury Design Industry since 1989 and has worked from New York City to Beverly Hills to the San Francisco Bay Area & Lake Tahoe. Our offices are remote for 24/7-365 online access to best serve you, our current and future clients.

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