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Discretion in Design, A Lost Art by Ann McDonald, IIDA

| Design Fundamentals | 2 Comments

Discretion: noun the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information. There is something to be said for not shouting…

Stylish Solutions by Ann McDonald

| Lamorinda Weekly | No Comments

This week my team and I were back at it for our Local Paper, The Lamorinda Weekly. Many thanks to Jennifer Wake and her team for always making us sound…

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Stylish Solutions for Drought Wise Decorating, Lamorinda Weekly

| Design Fundamentals, Lamorinda Weekly | No Comments

I absolutely love writing for our local paper. I was born in a small town in Western Kansas and hold anything “local” no matter where, in high regard. When Jennifer…

Top Four Issues to Consider When Scheduling Decorating Updates During Extended Absence from One or More Properties

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This week is High Point Furniture Market and Spring has sprung. Many of our Guests are finalizing plans for extended absences around the world in some combination of Vacation, Humanitarian,…